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T.T. Building Engineering and Commercial Ltd.

Industrial Solutions

30 years in the industry

  • Our company deals with the most beautiful subject of industrial engineering, including the design, manufacture, installation, operation and repair of machines. The history of the T.T. Building Engineering Mechanics and Trading Ltd. started on November 1, 1991, and since then we have been giving our customers orders from machine design to turnkey, turnkey solutions. Our motto is Industrial Solutions, that faithfully reflects the delivery of Industrial Solutions without compromise.
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    While designing our machines, besides ensuring their proper operation and flexibility, their safe, cost-effective operation have also primary aspect, that are always solved during the machine manufacturing phase, focusing on protecting our environment.

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    We combine traditional mechanics, pneumatics, hydraulics, electric drives, as well as more sophisticated mechatronic systems to suit individual production needs. Nowadays, one of the most exciting and expected to be the most dynamic developing area in the near future is i4.0, including IoT technologies. We are committed to using these techniques, and we can offer application solutions and solutions in these areas.

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    The design of the machines and equipment listed here was based on the lowest possible maintenance requirements and the highest possible availability, which would not have been possible without our heavy industry maintenance experience of more than 20 years. For our customers, therefore, we always deliver genuine turnkey Industrial Solutions fully customized.

History of our company

  • Our company was established on the 1st of November 1991 as a family business. The main profile at that time was technical building systems (water, gas supply) design and installation.
  • From 1994 at the plant of HUNGRANA Ltd. at Szabadegyháza we worked on the pipework modification of the technology system, also we worked on the mechanical installation of the Malting Plant in Dunaújváros.
  • From 1995 to the present: At Arconic-Köfém Mill Procucts Ltd. and Howmet-Köfém Ltd. plants in Székesfehérvár and Nemesvámos we worked on repair and maintenance projects. At Hydro at Székesefehérvár (earlier SAPA and ALCOA Extrusions) we had maintenance and production support tasks at P7 press unit.
  • 2001-2002 we carried out several types of mechanical installation and maintenance works in the paper manufacturing plant of Neusiedler Rt., Szolnok.
  • From 2004 we had contractual framework and with this continuous mechanical repair and maintenance works at Gestamp Hungária Kft, in Mór.
  • Our first international project started in January 2005. We got the order from VAI-Cosim S.A. (Madrid) for the installation and commissioning works at Flat Rolled Products B.U., Arconic-Köfém (that time Alcoa-Köfém) of the aluminium slitting line manufactured by them. We worked not only on the installation work of the whole machine, but the integration of the individual units of the machine.
  • From April 2009 with general contracts we have been working on the following projects at Flat Rolled Products Plant of Arconic-Köfém:
    • Assembly of slitting knifes at Slitter line #7 (till September 2016)
    • Assembly of circle cutting dies on SAMIS presses (till September 2016)
    • Assembly of the bearings of the work and support mill rolls of the hot and cold mills (till September 2016)
    • Milling and turning for maintenance department with our own machines
    • Calibration of Aluminium cores for slitters, by the calibration machine designed and manufactured by our Engineers
    • Cutting paper cores with the machine designed and manufactured by our Engineers
    • In 2018 the production support at Cut to Length Line DB3 was added to our general contract.
  • In 2012-2013 we installed, commissioned and gave engineering support to the authority permits of the milling oil regenerating machine, ordered by CRS Reprocessing (USA). We still give operation and maintenance services of the unit for CRS, with the implementation of our several modification proposals.
  • In 2013 CRS Reprocessing requested us again to support a test installation, which resulted the installation a decanter centrifuge to reprocess the machining emulsion. We worked on this test project the same we did at the regenerating machine: supported the documentation, we installed, commissioned, and we still take part in operation of the machine.
  • In 2013 Arconic-Köfém requested us for the engineering support, project management, and installation of the furnace charging machine in the Ingot Plant. Working together on the installation with the manufacturer of the machine called Sistem Teknik Industrial Furnaces Ltd. (Turkey), we achieved really good results.
  • In 2017 CRS Reprocessing asked us to design and manufacture an oil distiller machine. During the design phase we could go with the earlier construction, but the evaporator and the chiller circle had to be re-designed. We also designed and manufactured the electrical system of the machine that still successfully works in Castelsarrasin, France.
  • At the end of 2017 – early 2018 CRS Reprocessing ordered the mechanical and electrical dismantling of a machine line consisting of several systems in Bourgoin-Jallieu (next to Lyon), France. We had to carry out health and safety engineering tasks also besides the dismantling work.
  • In 2018 our good old partnership was refreshed, restarted with Bosch Rexroth: we worked together on the following projects:
    • Design and installation of the accumulator pack of the roll changing unit at hot mill of ISD Dunaferr
    • Design and installation of the modification of the greasing system at ISD Dunaferr
  • In April 2018 Bosch Rexroth Kft. requested us for warranty supervision of the installation of the fast operating hydraulic cylinders of the vulcanizing unit at Contitech in Morocco that was carried out by József Tóth Jr. The experts at both Bosch Rexroth and Contitech appreciated much his performance.

Our partners


Designing, manufacturing and operation of the Calibrating Machine

Selection the spool cores (ID=150 mm; 300 mm) used at the slitting lines into classes of 0,25 mm tolerance. We operate this calibrating machine in one shift since 2013. The machine has pneumatic safety shaft at the top, stores data with FESTO CPX control system. It was a demand from Arconic (Alcoa) logistics to build a background to achieve the possibly highest level of recycling of the aluminium cores. In the construction of the equipment, besides the special technical solutions we have put great emphasis on the safe operation, which was solved with a two-hand operated starter with pneumatic logic and pneumatically actuated safety pin. Data collection is made with FESTO CPX controller and touch screen. In addition to the construction and operation of the equipment, we were also working with the Arconic (then Alcoa) logistics department to create the background for the recycling of the right amount of cash.

Designing, manufacturing, operating of the Paper core cutting machine

Cutting the paper spool cores to the proper width with 0,5 mm tolerance. The cutting process is made by a saw disc to get good quality of cut surface. With the manufacturing and the operation of the machine we had the task of arranging the paper spool core supply area and its logistics.

Manufacturing of the Pallet Turning Machine

The aim of the project at Arconic factory in Székesfehérvár was to design and manufacture a machine that turns the stack of the aluminium sheets upside down, which was wrapped and packed for shipment. It is a customer demand due to the use of their vacuum lifters. Designing a compact, easy to feed and use machine was an importanct aspect. The machine can turn over even 5000 mm wide stacks without having the sheets sliding on each other in the stack, eliminating the possibility of scratches on the surface of the sheets. The maximum weight of the stacks is 2.5 tons. The design, manufacturing and programming of the pallet turging machine were all carried out by our company.

Desing and manufacturing of oil regenerating machine

Castelsarrasin, France

Regeneration of rolling oil for reflecting aluminum by vacuum distillation at 0.5 l/min. The equipment was manufactured with our Partner, CRS Reprocessing Services in Hungary, and we also installed it in the Aludium factory in Castelsarrasin, France.

Manufacturing of Foiling Units

We got a request from our Customer to redesign, develop and manufacture the 30-year-old foil wrapping machines that they have at the cut-length-lines. Our Customer, Arconic-Köfém Ltd. ordered 2 units that we carried out successfully in both occasions.


Design and manufacture of Conveyor System for handling discs

The unloading of the non-circular discs of the SAMIS 1 disc cutting machine is not ergonomically solved by the original stacking equipment, and the process was slow and difficult. With the system we designed, installing the adjustable conveyor belt you can see on the photo, the discs can be selected: the circular discs are forwarded towards the stacker, with the belt being pulled out completely, and the shaped discs go to a stacking table via the conveyors standing perpendicular to the adjustable conveyor.

Our Team